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Hi Everyone, (中文版:跟著小飛玩)

I'm Xiaofei (李小飛 or Asher Leiss) Welcome to my website. Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to check out all some of the very cool places that I've been in Taiwan. Here are a few quick tips on how to use my website.

River Safety:

Wear the right shoes. Wear sandals that strap onto your feet (NOT flip-flops). These are necessary for hiking up rivers. The rocks are slippery, you need hard rubber-bottomed shoes that stay on your feet to not slip and fall. DO NOT wear felt wading shoes (see Environment)

Fast moving water can be very dangerous. If a river is swollen, don't go in. If you're in a river when it starts to rain heavily, get out. Flash floods are common during heavy rain


I measure the quality of a location based on my personal enjoyment (jumping, swimming, and playing). If I don't like a place, it's probably because of strict no swimming rules. I don't like relaxing in nature unless I'm exhausted from exercising in nature.


DO NOT wear felt-bottomed shoes because they spread tiny organisms like snails and algae from river to river. Each river is a separate ecosystem, and felt-bottom shoes are a good way to contaminate them with invasive species (like rock slime).

Take all your trash out with you, and if you see other's trash, pick some up too. If everyone takes a piece of trash out of the nature area with them as they go, it will be much nicer for everyone.


I'm rather proud of the function that the maps on this site provide, so I hope you like them. They can be opened with apps on your mobile phones (like google maps and orux maps) and will function with your GPS. They can also be downloaded for offline use. Feel free to use these maps in your websites and blogs (please link). A map of maps can be found here.

Here is an explanation of some of the things you might see on a map:

Red Lines: These lines are roads or off road trails that can be driven on or hiked. In some cases they can mean "The road is totally fine, you can drive here but it's not on google maps" and in other cases they mean "The road is kinda rough, but you can still drive here. If you don't like rough roads, walk instead". Check the line's description for more info.

Yellow Lines: These lines are hiking or walking trails. They generally mean that you can hike on this path without getting your feet wet. Read the line's description for more info.

Blue Lines: These lines are trails that go through or across rivers. In most cases they mean "Your feet will get wet" but they can also mean "Swimming required". Often a blue line can also be hiked without getting your feet wet, but it's dependent or water level and season. Read the line's description for more info.

- Hot Spring
- Waterfall
- Swimming Area (deep water)
- Jumping spot (the water level will change from day to day, check the depth before jumping)
- Bridge (there are many bridges, if you see this icon that mans it's a very nice bridge (or scary bridge))
- Camping Area. (This icon means "flat ground large enough for a tent". It does not mean that camping is allowed, nor does it indicate a commercial campground)
- Easy hiking (There still may be some areas with ropes)
- Pulling yourself up with ropes required (Ropes are already there, you don't need to bring your own)

An apology to Aboriginals:

If any hidden places that you like to visit nearby where you live become busy because of this blog (and you think that's bad), then I'm sorry for the inconvenience caused. The purpose of this blog is to encourage people to visit beautiful and natural places. It's my belief that the more people who are actively participating and benefiting from our environment the better. The more people who enjoy nature, the more people who will protect nature. That's why I always advocate for responsible river tracing, and picking up garbage, even if it isn't yours.

Additionally, I know that for some tribes (Rukai), waterfalls hold special religious significance. I'm sorry for any disturbances caused. I do what I do out of love.

Icon Sources:

https://mapicons.mapsmarker.com/ (Thanks for all your awesome Icons, have a beer on me!)

All photos taken by me or used with permission.

The information on this page is for reference only. Your safety and following all the regulations in Taiwan are your own responsibility. For each outing, pay attention to the weather and do not go into the rivers after heavy rains or when there is a chance of heavy rain. Each person needs to prepare equipment and safety gear according to the conditions and their own abilities. Always look out for slippery surfaces, unstable ground, landslides and falling rocks. Be aware of the water depth, and be extra vigilant around fast flowing water. Be cautious you will have amazing adventures. Thank you for taking all your garbage out with you.