Become a Hot Spring Explorer

This is a map of all the known hot springs in Taiwan (中文版:當個溫泉獵人吧), including the ones that I have not been to yet. The mountains change every year, so some of the hot springs may be buried or different than they look in the pictures. You can use this information to do your own exploring. Post what you discoverer, and any missing places, on this page, and I will use the new information to update the map. Together we can keep a complete and up-to-date public record of Taiwan's wild hot springs.

Map Legend:

: I've visited these hot springs and posted up-to-date information, photos, and a detailed map on this website. You can view them all here:

---Purple means that there should be enough hot water flow to soak in a hot spring bath. These should be amazing.

---Red means that there may not be enough hot water flow to soak in a hot spring bath, or there isn't enough information to know.

---Pink hot springs have been partially commercialized.

---Green hot springs have been completely commercialized (hot spring hotels).

---Yellow hot springs are new, theoretical, or there is no information available.

-- Grey hot springs were buried, but they may come back one day.


The information on this map from my own exploration, and the Taiwan Geological Survey of Hot Spring Outcrops. Help me keep it up-to-date by commenting with photos of your hot spring adventures.

The information on this page is for reference only. Your safety and following all the regulations in Taiwan are your own responsibility. For each outing, pay attention to the weather and do not go into the rivers after heavy rains or when there is a chance of heavy rain. Each person needs to prepare equipment and safety gear according to the conditions and their own abilities. Always look out for slippery surfaces, unstable ground, landslides and falling rocks. Be aware of the water depth, and be extra vigilant around fast flowing water. Be cautious you will have amazing adventures. Thank you for taking all your garbage out with you.