This is my map of maps. (中文版:台灣地圖 )All the waterfalls and Hot Springs on this site (plus a few that I haven't made pages for yet) can be found on this map.

Here is an explanation of some of the things you might see on a map:

 Red Lines: These lines are roads or off road trails that can be driven on or hiked. In some cases they can mean "The road is totally fine, you can drive here but it's not on google maps" and in other cases they mean "The road is kinda rough, but you can still drive here. If you don't like rough roads, walk instead". Check the line's description for more info.

 Yellow Lines: These lines are hiking or walking trails. They generally mean that you can hike on this path without getting your feet wet. Read the line's description for more info.

 Blue Lines: These lines are trails that go through or across rivers. In most cases they mean "Your feet will get wet" but they can also mean "Swimming required". Often a blue line can also be hiked without getting your feet wet, but it's dependent or water level and season. Read the line's description for more info.

 - Hot Spring
 - Waterfall
 - Swimming Area (deep water)
 - Jumping spot (the water level will change from day to day, check the depth before jumping)
 - Bridge (there are many bridges, if you see this icon that mans it's a very nice bridge (or scary bridge))
 - Camping Area. (This icon means "flat ground large enough for a tent". It does not mean that camping is allowed, nor does it indicate a commercial campground)
 - Easy hiking (There still may be some areas with ropes)
 - Pulling yourself up with ropes required (Ropes are already there, you don't need to bring your own)