Lingquan Tengjiao

Lingquan Tengjiao (中文版: 靈泉騰蛟) is a unique waterfall in the Zhanghu Scenic Area (樟湖篇)of Yunlin, Gukeng Township (雲林縣古坑鄉). If comes out of hole in the rock and showers down like rain through what resembles a hollowed out stone tree. It's a natural shower.

  • Lingquan Tengjiao, 2016/2/27
  • Lingquan Tengjiao , 2016/2/27
  • Lingquan Tengjiao , 2016/2/27
  • Lingquan Tengjiao , 2016/2/27
  • Lingquan Tengjiao , 2016/2/27

Lingquan Tengjiao (靈泉騰蛟) is on the same trail as the Tianchang Diju Waterfalls Group (天長地久瀑布群) and Changchun Waterfall (長春瀑布).

  • Dijiu Waterfall
  • Changchun Waterfall
  • Tianchang Waterfall

Road 149甲 is broken on the west side of the waterfall. It can be hiked, but not driven. You can get to the top of it from that direction (萬年峽谷) but the road doesn't go all the way through to the bottom. You'll have to drive around from the east side, or hike an extra 2.5km.

Lingquan Tengjiao
Yunlin County, Gukeng Township
Waterfall: 23.59595, 120.65767
Parking: 23.59977, 120.6569
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Detailed Map
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