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Taiwan is for Lovers

Where is the most romantic place on Earth? Taiwan of course! There is so much love in Taiwan that it over flows into beautiful waterfalls. Here's a list of liquid lovers around Taiwan. (中文版:台灣是情侶)1) Lover's Lake Waterfall - Pingtung County, Sandimen Township[media type="galler[…]

What else can we learn from the Strava heatmap?

I love maps. When I was 13, I asked for a ridiculously large atlas for my Bar Mitzvah, instead of a bike or Nintendo 64, like most other boys would. Now I spend countless hours pouring over satellite images identifying points of interest, drawing lines for possible routes to them, and then attemptin[…]

8 Easy Hot Springs for 2018

(中文版: 2018年六個容易去的溫泉) These are the wild hot springs that you park very close to. Getting to these hot springs requires no more than a few minutes of walking. But, even though these hot springs are short hikes, please still use caution and pay attention to fast moving water,[…]

Ask Me Anything

Ask me questions in the comments here or on facebook.(中文版:問我任何的問題吧)1)What's is your favorite place to swim in the whole world? My favorite place to swim in the whole world is in the Sea of Galilee in Israel. But I think that is mostly due to my family and all the memori[…]

21 Best Waterfalls in Taiwan for Cliff Jumping

(中文版:最好跳水瀑布) This is a list of my favorite waterfalls in Taiwan for cliff jumping and diving. Even if I've been to a place many times before, I still always check the water depth before I jump. Conditions change and you don't know if any debris, like sticks and rocks, have been w[…]

27 Waterfalls That Are Easy To Get To

(中文版:27個步行不到15分鐘的台灣瀑布)This is a list of waterfalls in Taiwan that take less than 15 minutes to walk to. These waterfalls have nice, well-maintained paths, that are suitable for children and elderly. Keelung[media type="picture" id="4590"]Well-maintained path, 200 mete[…]